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Pasties by Post

The Cornish Hamper Store is proud to be working in partnership with Prima Bakeries as their official Pasties-by-Post supplier. As one of Cornwall's most well known and loved brands, Prima has been at the heart of Cornish baking since 1978. Famed for the quality and flavour of their products, Prima ensure their pasties are consistently of the highest standard. Why Prima? Prima Bakeries is Cornwall's leading wholesale bakery and pasty maker. They have achieved a top three position in the World Pasty Championships for five of the last six years. Pasties by post mean that these delicious traditional Cornish Pasties are available directly to you anywhere in the UK. Delivered frozen in a temperature-controlled thermal box, just pop them in the oven and they are ready to eat! Pasties by post are the ideal solution for parties, weddings, group events, gatherings, or simply so you have a freezer full of delicious Cornish Pasties ready to go.

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