Our Story

At The Cornish Hamper Store, we believe gifting is an art, and each gift should tell a story. Our story? It’s about family, tradition, and a love for all things Cornwall.

Cornish Through and Through

We’re more than a business; we’re a proud Cornish family with a deep-rooted passion for gifting. For generations, we’ve been crafting moments of joy for our community. Our story begins in the heart of Redruth, Cornwall, where we’ve proudly called home for years.

Traditional Flavours

Cornwall isn’t just a place; it’s a feeling, a tradition, and a way of life. Our hampers are a delicious blend of local heritage, thanks to the talented producers who fill them with Cornish goodness.

Gifting Experts

Gift-giving isn’t just our trade; it’s our craft. We understand that every gift is an expression of love, gratitude, or celebration. We curate our hampers with love and care, ensuring that every item is a testament to the quality, taste, and spirit of Cornwall.

A Taste of Cornwall, Anywhere

You don’t need to be in Cornwall to experience its charm. With our hampers, you can savor the beauty of Cornwall’s landscapes, the richness of its heritage, and the warmth of its people, wherever you are.

Join us in spreading the magic of Cornwall, one hamper at a time!