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Pasties By Post – Gluten Free Traditional Steak Pasties (G) (12 x 280g Frozen)

Gluten Free Traditional Steak Cornish Pasties. These gluten free traditional Cornish pasties offer a tasty alternative to the standard Cornish Pasties but without the gluten, it taste just like a pasty but are gluten free.

Pasties By Post – Gluten Free Traditional Steak Pasties (G) (12 x 280g Frozen)

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Pasties By Post – Gluten Free Traditional Steak Pasties (G) (12 x 280g Frozen)Item #PRIMAB10-A

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12 Gluten Free frozen medium traditional steak Cornish pasties by post. The original and the best!

12 Medium (280g / 10oz) Steak Cornish Pasties. These Pasties are made with de-glutenated wheat and taste just like a pasty so although they are made with wheat they are completely gluten free. Simply pop them in your freezer and cook from frozen whenever you want. Delivered to your door! For next day delivery order before 2pm.

These Traditional Steak Cornish Pasties by post are handmade in the heart of Cornwall using traditional recipes and only contain the genuine ingredients: potato, swede (or turnip), onion, beef and seasoning.

You can tell it is a genuine Steak Cornish Pasty from the crimping on the side, not the top! Prima crimp all their pasties by hand giving it a distinctive D shape and making it a Proper Steak Cornish Pasty.

To prepare:
Bake from frozen. Pre-heat oven to 190C. Place on a baking tray and Bake for 50 to 55 minutes until pasty is golden brown and filling is piping hot (over 90C) and there you go… a full meal ready to go. Pop it on a plate or eat on the go using the bakery bags provided.

All our pasties are delivered to you frozen and unbaked in an insulated box.

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Dietary Information +

This hamper has been labelled with the following information. Gluten Free, MSG Free, Nut Free

For more information on the dietary labels associated with our hampers, please visit our allergy & dietary information page.

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